Thursday, May 11, 2017

Day 132: Living With Certainty

Day 132
Ruth 1-4, 1 Corinthians 15:1-34

The photo above is when I worked at a bible camp and did ropes courses during the summers. Each summer, we'd take on the Leap of Faith at least once, just to get our feet wet a little before campers came. While I would like to say that leaping off of that pole was an easy thing to do, I still doubted at least a little each time that the ropes would hold me, or that people would catch me at the bottom. Yet with God in our lives, we can hold tightly to Him and know He will not fail us. He is even more dependable than those ropes I had to rely on. If we could just live like He has us, our stories would speak volumes.

Holding certainly to God's power honors Him with your life. Ruth and Naomi's story is one that speaks volumes of where God is in their lives. How certain are you that Jesus indeed has risen from the dead to save you? When you can grasp His power and intentions for you, you can move in your story in a powerful way.

Picking up everything and moving to an unknown land can be a nerve-racking thing, especially as a widow in Old Testament times. The book of Ruth is such a breath of air after reading of the destruction and disobedience in the book of Judges. It shows you that there were still people that obeyed God and put Him first in their lives. We see an unselfish love from Naomi as she works to send Ruth and Orpah back to their land so they can remarry and carry on their lives. Orpah agrees with hesitation, but Ruth sticks to Naomi unswervingly.

The way Ruth cares for her mother-in-law is quite a testimony of the person she is, and this reputation gets the ear of Boaz, who is one who looks to the Lord. I think many times, ladies (guys too) especially try to manipulate a situation to gain a relationship, rather than serving the Lord and waiting on His timing. God knows you are ready for a relationship when you can serve Him without putting that relationship ahead of Him. Ruth worked hard to take care of her mother-in-law. Her heart of service and diligence stuck out to Boaz, and he noticed her and in turn, promised to take care of her. Are you serving the Lord while you patiently wait for His timing in your life? Are you showing Him that He is more important to you than what's next in life?

Paul sends a reminder to the people of Corinth that they need to live certain in the resurrection that saves them from their sin and separation from God. Without the resurrection of Christ, we live pointless lives as Christians. Without the hope the He gave us through His sacrifice, we have nothing to look forward to. How different does your life look because you are certain of the resurrection of Christ? Consider Ruth's life for a moment here. She lived in service to God, knowing her place in His authority and love. Because she knew that God's plan was good for her, she served without hesitation and took care of her mother-in-law. Because of her certainty in God, she was blessed. How does your life show you are certain about Christ's resurrection and goodness for your life.

How does your life speak certainty to what Christ has done for you? Do you manipulate situations to get your way and worry about Him taking care of you? Remember Ruth and her faith as she pressed on with certainty that God would take care of her. Because of her faith and her trust in Him, she was blessed. Because she proclaimed His name and served Him first, she was blessed by God with a man to take care of her. Are you showing God that He can trust you to put Him first before He gives you that thing you really want? Show God that nothing will ever shove Him aside in your life. Live with certainty that He is there.

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