Monday, April 3, 2017

Day 109: Worship

Day 109
Psalm 47-48

Check out this video in preparation of our reading today. 

We have every reason to lift up our God in praise. We read of the great things He has done. We have experienced the great things He has done. We have seen the great things He has done. Yet, we are sometimes timid. When we are looking around during worship at church and become to nervous to lift our  hands and pour out our hearts, we are holding back our true emotion for Christ. Or maybe, you don't have that emotion for Christ yet.

In Psalm 47, we read of the adoration and amazement of our God, written in the form of worship. Do you truly know Who God is, that you feel so inclined to lift your hands, shout for joy, clap your hands, dance around? We read of what God has done for the people that they praise Him - handed over their enemies, blessed them with the Promised Land, He reigns over them.  What has God done in your life that deserves praise and adoration? Do you show it?

As we step into Psalm 48, we read of the protection and security God provides to His people. The parallel of this city described here is the Church, a place that to be secure to all, protecting God's standards, and full of God's presence. When we worship in this place, we recognize those things in our lives.

We also recognize His unfailing love and the guidance He provides us in life. How has anyone loved you the way Christ does? It doesn't falter. He has given us all so we an have all. This alone is surely worthy of our praise and shouts. He guides us daily. When we ask and are in tune to His voice, He will show us the way. He has given us the Word. As we read to the end of this chapter, we discover that God is like the city described. Many watch towers that guide you, fortified walls that protect you, and the presence of God all throughout.

When you go into a heart of worship, don't look at the people around you. Don't even think about them. Rather, focus your thoughts on God and what He has done for you. Surely, that is worthy of our praise. Praise Him with song, and emotions, and joy, and shouts, and clapping.

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