Thursday, April 20, 2017

Day 123: Don't Be A Fool

Day 123
Psalm 52-54

I feel foolish a lot. Some days are more foolish than others for me. I tend to be awkward and introverted, and that tends to lead to some awkward conversations with people I don’t know well. However, we’ll read about the worst way to be foolish – foolish in our faith. We can be the wisest people in this world in everything else, yet we are completely foolish if we fail to boast in Christ and allow Him to be our vision and deliverance. Let’s check out how David documents the foolish people in his life.  

The foolish have selfish vision. They strive to tear others down so they can be built up. They are so busy looking at what they can gain, that they don’t see that pleasing God is the only way to ultimate happiness. They’ll betray and boast about it. However, we can be wise in putting our vision in God’s hands and trusting Him to give us the best plan of all. David knew God was on his side and he put his trust in Him, praising Him in all circumstances.

None of us are truly good, but those who know there is a good are smart indeed. Only fools believer there is no God, and go about trying to save themselves. You can know the smartest person in the world, but they are only smart by the world’s terms and this lifetime’s terms. They are eternally foolish and don’t consider the power that God has to save them. A foolish person will think they have it all together, only to find out that only God has their lives together. Don’t be a fool. Lay your life in the hands of your Savior.

We can withstand attacks from fools. God will deliver you from the words of those who think you are the fool. You can praise Him right now for the deliverance He will provide you in the future, because you know He will come for you. If you seek Him, you will find Him. If you cry out to Him, He will deliver you. Be smart in Who can ultimately deliver you from the worries of this world and remember His mercy and sovereignty in your life. No matter how much you are attacked by those who don’t fully understand the answer for your Hope, you have that Hope.

You can be the wisest person in this world, but still be the most foolish in God’s eyes. Don’t compromise your faith for your worldly wisdom. Because of God’s mercy and hope in your life, you can experience deliverance, peace, and great vision that comes only from placing your eyes on God. 

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