Friday, April 7, 2017

Day 112: Leading a Legacy

Day 112
Deuteronomy 32-34; Mark 14:32-72

There are many things that go into the lives we leave here on this earth. We can live our lives trying to fill it with everything we have ever wanted or wanted to do, which always brings temporary happiness, and we leave it all behind. Or, we can live our lives trying to fill hearts with Christ and what He can do to grant everyone eternal happiness. When trying to find your own happiness, you may actually stumble into Christ, and realize He is the ultimate, eternal happiness you need.

Moses goes out, continuing to spread wholeheartedly the words of the Lord to the people he's leaving behind. You can truly see how Moses' heart beats for the people and more for His God as he obeys and shares what God wants him to. He is truly a leader for the memory books who brought the people into freedom from Egypt, and continued to push them past the struggles and doubts they had as they went. We recall how frustrating Moses' journey with the people was at times, but as we wrap up Deuteronomy, we read the words of the Lord and the words Moses shares about the tribes.

The people respected Moses, and being a respectable leader is huge in sharing the ultimate legacy of Christ. While Moses didn't get to enter into the Promised Land, he humbly handed over his leadership to Joshua, who was chosen by the Lord. It's interesting to reflect back on Moses' life and see the kind of leader he was formed into as the journey progressed. A man who was too afraid to go and demand the people be set free by Pharaoh, now a man who wrapped up his life with speeches and eloquent words from the Lord to the people to continue this legacy for generations.

What kind of leader is God forming you to be? Even if you are reluctant to lead, you are leading someone in someway. The question will be if it is in a way that is holy, or a way that seeks temporary fulfillment from a world that can never offer you eternity. Watch how you lead and who you lead.

As Jesus nears His crucifixion in Mark, we read about how even the disciples were weak in standing by Him. These leaders that Christ had worked side by side with for months were now fleeing the scene when things got rocky. However, just because the disciples fled, we know that Peter still becomes a key leader in the foundation of the Church. He denies Christ, as predicted, but that is not his fate.

Have you felt like you have fallen away from Christ, or even denied Him? There is still hope. Peter was redeemed and lived to serve His Lord after he was frozen in sin and fear. Don't ever feel like hope is lost for you. You can still make an impact and you can still be redeemed if you have a heart that seeks the Lord and longs to do His work.

Christ Himself was willing to go to the bitter suffering on a cross for us. He prayed to His Father if it were HIS will let it be done. I think we hesitate to follow the will of God, even in the simplest of forms, because we are either too fearful, or we wouldn't believe God would make us do something so crazy. We need to be open to His leading and His will, no matter how scary it may seem. When He calls us to it, we know we're taken care of, because it is His will. Christ took the biggest risk and conquered death for us. If we take a risk for God, you never know the ripples it could cause around you. Think of the big picture and allow God to start small with you.

We may start out rocky in our lives of leading for Christ. Moses was afraid he couldn't speak. Peter denied Christ. But God used both of these men to do amazing things for Him. You don't need to be qualified to lead; in fact, you are a leader in some way right now. Someone is looking to you and watching what you do - especially if you claim to be a Christian. Take a step out and allow Christ to work through you in amazing ways. Lead with a legacy that seeks His will and His bigger plan, rather than you desires and the here and now agenda you carry.

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