Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Day 121: We Will Serve the Lord

Day 121
Joshua 20-22; 1 Corinthians 6

You have a choice in this life as to whom you will serve. Your actions will speak volumes of where your allegiances lie. Making wise decisions and solving conflicts in a Godly way are huge in speaking of your Christian life.

Joshua pushes the people as he gets ready to die, telling them that they will choose this day whom they will serve. Joshua states that famous statement, "as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord." This is such a grander statement than a plaque on your living room wall, however. The way you carry yourself and raise your family attest to this statement. This may be a hard thing to do, but that is why being in tune with God's Word and voice are crucial in your daily life. Things seem right by the standards of this world, but until you truly know what is right by the standards of God, you can't fully embrace the service in Him.

Joshua tells them to choose THIS day. We tend to be so wishy-washy in our commitment to God. When we can fit Him in, we will. When He can do us a favor, we'll talk to Him. Rather than spending those off times from God pursuing your own desires and doing what's best for you, choose this day who you will serve. Be bold in being in service to Him and allow your life to reflect His standards and His ways, rather than avoiding conflict with the world and agreeing with it.

The way we resolve our conflicts is one way we look differently from this world. The Old Testament example with the tribes of Reuban, Gad, and half of Manasseh building the alter before crossing back over to their land. The Western side of Israel assumed the worst and were ready to go to war against them. They assumed they were building an alter for foreign gods. Luckily, representatives were sent to investigate before the people reacted. They received the full and very acceptable story of them building it as a reminder of Who their God is for their descendants. Because of this, they knew the Lord was with them because of the way their conflict was handled (22:31).

Paul talks about how to solve conflicts among each other too, suggesting to just take the loss. (vs. 7) This may seem counter-intuitive, but the testimony of it will create ripples. God will bless you and use it to spread His Name, because you look differently from the world. We live in a world that wants fairness for oneself, or one's group of people. There isn't anything wrong with that, but consider what Paul is suggesting here. What statement would it make if you simply gave up what you wanted to reveal that you have something so much bigger and greater in your life in Christ?

Paul also challenges the people of Corinth for taking each other to court, even worse to court with secular judges. It is very frowned upon to dispute in front of unbelievers. That is an opposite testimony of Who God is - humble, loving, all-providing... When we fight for what we want, we are essentially saying we don't have enough in Christ. Why would an unbeliever want to even get involved in a place where their foundation wasn't enough for them? Why would an unbeliever want to bring more conflict into their lives in stepping into the church? A secular judge wouldn't know God's ways - only the world's. If you need to settle a dispute, look to one who knows God's way of settling these things.

Serve the Lord with your bodies, your actions, and your motives. The sins we fall into can not only affect you today, but they can affect you in the future and affect the people around you. God wants you to stay pure in testimony and look to Him when things fall out. We will fall and fail, but cleanse yourself in Christ and move forward, being a testimony to others who are struggling in the areas you had struggled in.

Choose this day whom or what you will serve. Don't be lukewarm in your faith, only using God when He is convenient for you. Serve Him in your actions, your motives, and your daily living. Make it greater than what you believe you need to be happy. Live a life serving Christ and doing what makes Him happy. You will find the greatest happiness in return.

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