Thursday, April 13, 2017

Day 117: Aligning with the Cross

Day 117
Joshua 10-12; 1 Corinthians 2

There is a different kind of perspective that mature followers gain by aligning their thoughts with the cross. The cross symbolizes so many things, like grace, love, and victory. Seeing those things and and looking at this life with the perspective of the cross changes everything.

Joshua was commanded not to fear as he battled. Many times as we go out and stand up in those battles we face, whether they are spiritual, physical, mental, etc., we can easily be crippled by our fears. Joshua was reminded over and over again not to fear. I can't say that I blame him for being so fearful, as the nations he faced were mighty, and he was beaten by less than mighty ones when Achan disobeyed. We can see that God makes anything happen, as He even made the sun stand still until Israel's enemies were overtaken. When we can look to the cross and remember the victory we have been given through Jesus, we can stand in confidence that nothing in this world can touch us. Even if we lose everything, we gain in eternity. He has defeated death itself. A cross-centered perspective gives you confidence to face whatever battle you're looking at. Remember His victory and know it exists in your life.

Recall back to when the Gibeonites misinformed Joshua so they could align with him. We read here that they were a mighty nation with very mighty men to fight. They knew they couldn't overcome the power of Israel's God. Thus, they became their servants. The Lord will fight for you. His power alone will bring nations to their knees.

As the Israelites conquered nation after nation and king after king, we need to remember that this was over a period of time (about 7 years). When we think we can overtake our battles quickly and get discouraged when it takes so long, we need to remember that it's a process. Since we live a a culture of the "get it now" mentality, we tend to forget that things take work. We need to work on getting our lives to where we want them and that takes time and experience. The same goes for spiritual growth and learning the movement of the Holy Spirit. We get to know someone by spending time, and that it also how we get to know God.

There is ultimate victory and unity at the cross. Paul indicates that Christian maturity will recognize this and all their wisdom will be driven by the cross and what Christ has done for you and for me. The conflicts that took place in the church are "foolish" as Paul states in chapter 1. There is a certain wisdom that Paul talks about here that comes from the Spirit. That wisdom comes from aligning ourselves to the cross and viewing this world and every conflict we have by asking the Spirit to guide us and seeing everything from the perspective of the cross. True maturity lies within that. We can't grant others grace if we fail to see the grace poured out on us and on them.

When we accept the invitation to allow Christ into our lives, we gain His Spirit in us to help us in guidance and seeing things the way He sees them. We can have eyes that see the things the world sees, but hearts that can see God's purpose, God's plan, God's victory, etc. We may not always fully understand, but His Spirit in us will help us to comprehend the things that happen to us a little bit better. When we can align ourselves with the reason Jesus went to the cross for us, we can begin to see the reflection of it in our lives and throughout our daily living. Allow His Spirit to show you the way, inspire you, and give you wisdom that is only from Him.

Align yourself with the purpose of the cross. Know that the foot of the cross is a level place, open to all who want it. When we can see beyond our eyes and begin to see with our hearts, we place a different kind of value on people and we can see the complete victory we have in this world, regardless of what this world believes is our victory, and regardless of what this world takes away from us. The world has nothing on the cross. 

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